Files (30pcs)

Whenever your User Interface enables users to download or upload files, it needs these icons!

Privacy & Security (12pcs)

Have a secured section in your app? These privacy & security icons visualize it.

Users & identity (16pcs)

Apps are all about users. This set contains everything you need for a user section.

Marking & notifications (15pcs)

Whenever you need icons to refer to some sort of help section, this is the set you're gonna want!

Basic UI set pt. I (20pcs)

Some basic UI icons you just can't do without, very suitable for both apps and websites.

Basic UI set pt. II (20pcs)

Just like the Basic UI set pt. I, this set is a must have for spicing up your website or app.

Communication (24pcs)

These icons go perfect in an app's message section or in a call to action box on your website

Folders (10pcs)

Use these icons to make a user feel familiar with your app by using native app icon metaphors.

Time & date (10pcs)

Give the users of your (web)app a sense of control by using these icons and make the UI fun to use!

Media (35pcs)

This set contains 35 icons, varying from cd's to dsl camera's. Big set, big fun!

Audio & video controls (16pcs)

These control icons make designing any audio or video player a piece of cake!